Meditative Music

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Vocal Control (vocal) &  Be the One
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My compositions blend synthesizer and true organic sounds like chanting voices and acoustic guitar. The music is designed to take you on a relaxing journey with sounds of the desert and dry woodlands. The instrumentals feature my woodwind abilities, which include the haunting and primitive tones of wooden flutes and recorders along with the more traditional orchestral instruments such as saxophones, clarinet and flute.
There are two branches to my instrumental music:..
1) Meditative Music: Sonic landscapes influenced by American Southwestern Indian flutes and chants make this music relaxing and spiritual. This music is excellent for people who are in pain or need to heal, have sleep disorders or simply want to hear deep, relaxing music that enchants the mind. The hypnotic sounds carry your mind away from your emotional troubles and physical pain. The complete album "Desert Relaxations and Meditaions" by Jimmy Street is available on CDbaby.
2) Electronica-based Jazz: Instrumentals featuring flute and saxophone. My Jazz instrumentals are hip and fun. Feedback is welcomed.

...and another very different branch:
3) My Songs (vocal music).  
  Be sure to check them all out!

Techno Jazz

Vocal Songs

Jimmy Street is endorced by Forestone Reeds, Japan

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