The Alabama Hills!! Home of the famous Western gun battles of the 30's

The Alabama Hills are actually in California, on the Eastern base of Mt. Whitney, just West of the little town of Lone Pine, which lies on HWY 395. HWY 395 travels North and South parallel to the Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains . The elevation there in the Alabama Hills is approximately 5,000 ft (1,500 + meters).

I am traveling to meet some friends in the mountains above Carson City, Nevada. Of course, being the nerd full of “wanderlust” that I am, I had to stay in Lone Pine on the way and see the Alabama Hills, where some of the most unique and beautiful erosion has taken place.

Many Western movies where shot in these hills, especially in the 30's through the 50's. Shows like The Lone Ranger and Hop-along Casidy were filmed here. Being here I can re-live the classic gun battles between Indians or bad guys and my childhood favorite Western heroes.

To top it off is the backdrop of Mt Whitney – directly to the West. Mount Whitney is the tallest peak in the “lower 48 states”. In a word, the entire area is an awesome sight to behold for anyone like myself, who loves to see natural wonders.

Most people travel on the Western side of the Sierra Nevada’s and never see these sights. Certainly there are beautiful places to behold there, but as I drove North on HWY 395, I couldn't help but notice as to how deserted it is. In short, the road is wide open, not at all like its congested sister HWY 99, which follows the mountains North and South on the Western side.

It brings to mind the famous poem by Robert Frost, which I will place under the picture below. I think it pretty much says what I would try to say far better than I could say it. I hope you get an opportunity to see the California that many people miss because they never venture on 'the road less traveled by'.


The Alabama Hills are actually at the Eastern base of Mt. Whitney, California which is the tallest mountain in the "lower 48" states.